Vampire Power - Carolina Country
October 2021

The list of appliances and plug-in devices that leech energy even when they are shut off grows with each passing year. It has been estimated that these standby power loads can now account for 10 percent of average monthly electric bills.

While it is part of the price we pay for the connectivity of modern technology, there are ways to reduce these vampire or phantom loads without hindering connectivity.

The simplest method is to unplug a device when you are no longer using it, such as a coffeemaker that has a built-in clock. The same is true for chargers that are no longer connected to a cell phone or other device.

For home entertainment equipment, consider plugging your TV and DVD player into a powerstrip that can be turned off when not in use. There are special entertainment center powerstrips that will power off only those items that don’t need to regularly communicate with the internet for updates or signal retention.

Be sure to activate energy saver modes that put electronics to sleep to reduce power consumption and always look for Energy Star labeling when making new purchases.

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