Co-op awards $14,273 to outstanding educators - Carolina Country
January 2018

Teachers interested in applying for the next round of bright ideas funding may visit our website for more information. Here are our most recent Winners. Congratulations!

Chrissy French, Mickie Kinnear, and Stephanie Warren

Bridgeton Elementary
“Out of the Box: Morning Work with a Purpose”

Learning tubs will provide a variety of theme based morning activities for 275 students in grades K-3. The multi-disciplinary tubs will explore numerous subjects including earth science, robotics, creative writing, mathematics, art and technology. Hands-on activities improve critical thinking and foster positive socialization by having students work collabortively with their peers. Studies show that engaging in creative playtime during the school day improves attendance and overall classroom engagement.

Kaylee Kramer

Vanceboro Farm Life Elementary
“Collaborate, Create & Coast: Force & Motion Roller Coasters”

Kramer’s fourth and fifth grade students have moderate to severe learning disabilities. As part of their studies about force and motion, each student will construct two marble roller coasters. (If you want to know just how engaging this learning activity is, do an internet search for marble roller coasters. Very impressive!)

Alice Faucette

Bath Elementary
“Sorry about the Mess in the Library. We’re Learning Here!”

Students in grades K-8 will collaborate to invent, engineer, build and create using Legos, circuits and coding. The school’s library will serve as a Makerspace hub. Through makerspace activities all students will improve their dexterity, problem solving and critical thinking skills, and their ability to follow directions.

Tami Wagaman

Northside High School
“How Do We See Our Cells?”

This grant replaces now obsolete school microscopes and water baths to enhance biology lessons related to the study of plant and animal cells. Daryn Martin Arapahoe Charter School “Monumental Moments” The school’s Visual Art students will collaborate with Pamlico Community College’s welding class to design, create and install a sculpture to represent the graduating class of 2018.

Kathy Brinn

Northeast Elementary
“Art: Business and Pleasure”

Students will scan their original artwork into the computer, edit it and then print it on note cards. Penny Miller Chocowinity Primary School “The Show Must Go On” Puppets purchased with the grant will allow students opportunities to make up their own plays and perform stories and rhymes that they are familiar with.

Tommie Thomas

Chocowinity Middle School
“Planting Seeds of Community and Understanding”

Using the novella “Seedfolks” as the basis for this project, students will plant seeds for a school wildflower garden and a small urban garden for the classroom. Students will work together to build a sense of community and learn about the themes in the book.

Crystal Swindell

Pungo Christian Academy
“Charged Up for Science”

Whether it is charges that run the human body, hold together atoms, run electrical circuits, or create friction, science is fully charged. Students will use a Van de Graaff generator and conductivity tester to explore the concept of charges.

Deb Van Staalduinen

Terra Ceia Christian School
“Come Alive with Magical Reading!”

Funds will be used to purchase a “Sunny Day Learning Carpet” for hands on student activity.

Ginny Vogt, Lizzann Taylor, Janie Hardison, Amy Eisenhard, Pat Sullivan and Bay Rhodes

Arapahoe Charter School
“Classroom Jeopardy: We’re All Winners!”

Teachers will purchase a classroom Jeopardy set, based on the long running game show. Games can be created and edited by the teachers to specifically target classroom curriculum, especially those areas where students need extra practice. Using remote control devices and team scoreboards, students in third, fourth and fifth grades will eventually compete in a spring educational tournament.

John Cox, Sheena Sutton and Kathy Anderson

Mattamuskeet High School
“Calculus Winners”

This is the first year the school has offered AP Calculus on campus. The grant will be used to purchase TI89 graphing calculators.

Emily Harper

Arapahoe Charter School
“Fables, Fairy Tales and Fluency”

MP3 players will be used to create an audio library using the free resource, Lit 2 Go. Students will be able to read along with texts being read aloud, increasing both comprehension and fluency.

Linda Howard

Washington High School
“May I Help You, Please?”

This project will provide students with a hands-on virtual business venture. The students will gain skills needed to succeed in business to include the concepts of pricing, purchasing, staffing, promotion, financing, market research, targeted marketing, merchandising, security, risks and surprises, location selection, supply and demand, competition, business plan, and financial statements.

Sharon Paszt Jankowski

Washington High School
“What Will That Crazy Science Teacher Do Today?”

This grant will provide enough equipment and supplies to allow one for unique experiment or demonstration in science lab every day.

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