Plug in with Trickle Star Energy Monitors April 2018
Plug in with Trickle Star Energy Monitors
April 2018

Little things can add up. That’s why monitoring your home or business plug loads can be a real eye opener.

With that in mind, Tideland EMC has a limited number of Trickle Star Energy Monitors for sale to members. Unlike the Kil-A-Watt monitors we’ve loaned out over the years, the Trickle Star monitor has a detachable display unit with a 4-foot cord.

The display unit can be placed on a counter or table for easy viewing. This makes monitoring a refrigerator or freezer much easier than before. The monitor also has 360 joules of surge protection.

The Trickle Star displays kilowatt hour consumption, cost, and CO2 by day, month and year.

The units are available for purchase at all Tideland EMC offices. The cost is $29.99 and will be billed to your electric account.

For more ways to rack up energy savings, consider Tideland EMC's residential energy consultation.

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