April 2018
April 2018

Tidelanders participating in the co-op’s time-of-use rate are reminded that the on-peak hours change on Monday, April 17. The summer on-peak hours are 4 pm to 8 pm, Monday through Friday.

Good Friday, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day remain off-peak.

All program kWh will continue to be billed at a rate of 6.544¢. May 1–October 31, the on-peak kW demand rate moves to $10.35.

If you are a high energy use household and are willing to reduce energy use during a few weekday hours, you may want to give the time-of-use rate a try. Signing up for the rate will not automatically lower your electric bill.

Is this rate for everyone?

No. Many families have no choice but to run major appliances during on-peak periods. Tideland’s time-of-use rate may be a good fit if you can answer yes to the following: Are you willing to learn how much electricity you use and when you use it? Can you avoid or stagger major appliance use during peak periods? Will all the members of your household, including guests, children, and housekeepers, be able to maintain a time-of-use lifestyle?

Can I try the program without changing rates?

Yes. In fact, we prefer not to change your rate until it has been demonstrated that you understand the rate and can incorporate it into your lifestyle without incurring additional costs in the form of on-peak demand penalties.

Must my home be total electric?

No. However, savings may be limited depending on the number of non-electric appliances you have. This rate would be ideal for members with dual fuel heat pumps.

I have a heat pump with auxiliary heat strips. Don't they create a lot of KW demand? 

Yes. Therefore, you may want to install a programmable thermostat designed for heat pumps.

If you are interested in learning more about the time-of-use program or would like to give it a try, call Tideland at 800.637.1079. You can also learn more about our payment options.

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