May 2018
May 2018


Tideland EMC’s member satisfaction ratings continued to climb in 2017, well outpacing other utility providers. Driving that measure is member engagement. We’re commited to being where you are. Sometimes that means face-to-face interactions, but increasingly, it means meeting you in virtual places via social networking, email communications and even text messaging. Even more important than the extent of contact is the quality of information shared. We’ve established a reputation for transparent and honest dialogue. After all, you own the company. In the years ahead, member engagement will continue to evolve as we launch smart home technologies to a broader audience, applying what we’ve learned from the Ocracoke microgrid project. And we will explore new product and service offerings that lighten your load but not your wallet. We never take your trust and goodwill for granted. If we don’t measure up on your yardstick, let us know. We aim to please.

Always feel free to reach out to us with comments and questions. We aim to please. You can call 800.637.1079 or email

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