FlexPay Reminder - Carolina Country
July 2018
July 2018

Over 600 Tideland members now utilize the co-op’s FlexPay program and have said “Goodbye!” to monthly electric bills.

Most FlexPay members choose to pay weekly on their account based on prompts received via email or text message. While those prompts may indicate that a payment less than $10 is needed to continue active service, FlexPay members are reminded that the program guidelines stipulate a $10 minimum payment. The $10 minimum is intended to reduce transaction fees associated with credit and debit cards, which are passed along to the co-op. If prompted to pay less than $10 when making a payment via the mobile app, automated phone system, or the member portal, please override the auto populated amount and increase it to at least $10. 

Learn more about FlexPay at tideland-emc.com

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