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Set a high energy usage alert August 2018
Set a high energy usage alert
August 2018

A runaway electric bill can happen more easily than you know. A disconnected piece of ductwork. A water heater malfunction. A heat pump that is heating and cooling at the same time.

Use the power of the member portal to set a high energy use alert. Click on the MY ALERTS tab and select HIGH ENERGY USAGE ALERT - DAILY. Select your method(s) of notification: text, email or push notification. Remember to enter a DAILY dollar amount for the notification. For example, if you don’t want your electric bill to exceed $180 a month, enter $6.00 in the alert field ($180 divided by 30 days = $6 per day).

Don’t worry if you get a high energy use alert. You will likely have days that exceed your daily goal. But if they continue to persist several days without any noticeable change in outdoor temperatures, you’ll want to look for the cause.

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