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A message to members from Paul Spruill, General Manager & CEO February 2019
A message to members from Paul Spruill, General Manager & CEO
February 2019

A new burger chain recently opened in Greenville. Each table includes order forms for those who wish to customize their burger experience. There are 71 options. While I cannot imagine peanut butter on a burger, you’ll find it on the menu. The housemade bacon mayo certainly gets a nod.

You can similarly personalize your own Tideland membership with nearly as many options as that burger joint.

Residential members can choose to have either a post-paid or prepaid electric account. If you opt for a post-paid account, you can receive a paper bill, an e-bill or both. When the bill comes due you can opt for bank or credit card draft or pay online, via mobile app, over the phone or in person at one of our four offices.

On a fixed budget or want more certainty when it comes to month-to-month expenditures? We offer levelized billing to smooth out seasonal energy fluctuations.

Perhaps you don’t want an electric bill at all and prefer a pay-as-you-go option. You can enroll in our FlexPay program with a $25 starting balance. No security deposit is required. And if you have an existing security deposit you can convert it into a FlexPay credit if there is no outstanding balance on your post-paid account. See all our billing options on our website.

Go ahead and create your custom membership experience. We’re here, ready to take your order.

We offer 14 different account alerts and reminders that can be delivered via text or email or both. Every member should at least sign up for high energy use alerts to guard against an unusually high bill due to equipment malfunctions or even unauthorized use of electricity. We even offer a low energy use alert, which at first glance, struck me a bit like peanut butter on a burger. Who wants that? But if you have a remote or vacation property, it may be important to guard against low-energy use, which might indicate a mechanical or wiring failure.

We also offer outage notification via text and email. And when you report an outage via our automated phone system, you can request a call back when power is restored. Manage your alerts by logging in to your Tideland EMC account.

If you want to reduce your electric bill and are willing to shift energy intensive activities to off-peak hours, then you may want to give our residential time-of-use rate a try. Or you can enroll in our smart thermostat program and we’ll take care of the load control activities while you benefit from a $2 monthly bill credit.

Maybe you need area lighting for your home or business. We have several LED outdoor lighting solutions to choose from.

If surge protection is a concern, we’ll install, at cost, a meter base surge protector that can handle up to 40,000 amps of surge current.

Want to support renewable energy in our state? You can give to NC Green Power through your Tideland electric bill. Contributions are tax-deductible. You can also donate to our member assistance fund by enrolling in Operation Round Up.

Our member service menu also includes energy efficiency rebates, low interest weatherization loans and free energy consultation services.

So go ahead and create your custom membership experience. We’re here, ready to take your order.

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