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A message to members from Paul Spruill, General Manager & CEO March 2019
A message to members from Paul Spruill, General Manager & CEO
March 2019
energy improvements for flooded homes

Tideland energy auditor Jim Rapin addresses plumbing cutouts during an energy seminar for flood damaged homes.

In late January, Tideland hosted a series of workshops focused on energy-improvement opportunities in flood-damaged homes. During one session a member asked why Tideland was reaching out to the community in this way.

From an energy perspective, gutted homes present easy access to problem areas that our energy auditors often see via infrared cameras. It isn’t very practical to suggest opening up a wall to air seal during a routine audit. With insulation and drywall removed for remediation, homeowners have the perfect opportunity to address those issues with silicone caulk, low expanding foam and other low-cost items.

We also know that during a major disaster it can be a challenge to know that the work being performed is technically correct, in compliance with today’s building codes, and reasonably priced. Member advocacy is certainly a driving force behind the energy services we provide.

But the overarching reason we are taking an active role in disaster recovery is to help our members turn a setback into a major comeback. We want members to be able to return to restored homes that are healthier, more comfortable and more energy efficient than the ones they were forced out of by Hurricane Florence. Achieving all three makes homes more affordable and sound for years to come.

Prior to Hurricane Florence, the worst storm in our co-op’s history was Irene in 2011. Nearly a decade later, many of the homes impacted by that storm have never been reoccupied or replaced. The ripple effects of that on a community and a co-op can be devastating. We refuse to let Hurricane Florence stake a similar claim.

Recovery on a large scale is never a sprint. It’s a marathon. We’re commited to helping you cross the finish line no matter how long it takes.

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