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Meet these amazing teachers January 2018
Meet these amazing teachers
January 2018

BI EnergyUnited BustleBI EnergyUnited WootenEach year, EnergyUnited reviews hundreds of applications submitted by educators throughout the counties it serves. These teachers have applied online for the annual Bright Ideas grant program, awarded since 1994 to teachers for innovative, classroom-based projects that would not otherwise be funded.

Cenda Wooten and Adrian Bustle have proposed creative and innovative projects for their students and been awarded a Bright Ideas grant from EnergyUnited three years in a row!

Cenda Wooten, an English teacher at Yadkin Valley Regional Career Academy in Davidson County, has received a cumulative total of $3,081.72 in Bright Ideas funding for her classroom over the last three years. This year, through her project, “When the E in STEM is for English,” she will test the reading comprehension and critical thinking skills of her freshman honors English students in a practical way through technological and entrepreneurial projects rather than book reports. “By creating instead of memorizing, students will actually learn the material,” writes Wooten.

Adrian Bustle, a social studies teacher at North Iredell High School in Iredell–Statesville Schools, has received a cumulative total of $1,766.08 in Bright Ideas grant money for his classroom over the last three years. Bustle titled this year’s project “The Historical Reporter,” proposing the hands-on opportunity for students to use video and audio recorders to report their own news stories and learn how bias can be introduced in that experience. “The idea behind the project is to bring lessons to life and develop skills that are important for future success,” writes Bustle.

In addition to Wooten and Bustle, EnergyUnited awarded nearly 40 teachers from 11 of the 19 counties they serve with over $40,000 in Bright Ideas education grants to fund innovative classroom learning projects, which will benefit over 12,000 students.

EnergyUnited understands the importance of supporting the youth in our communities, which is why we’re committed to offering the Bright Ideas grant program year-after-year. Applications for the 2018 program will be available April 1, 2018.

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