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Stay warm while lightening the load on your wallet January 2018
Stay warm while lightening the load on your wallet
January 2018

Did you know that the average American household uses almost half of their annual energy bill for heating and cooling? The following tips can help.

Install a smart thermostat

A smart thermostat can automatically adjust your heating system for optimal performance to save you money on your next bill. A number of models are available at a range of price points, so you’re sure to find a smart thermostat that fits your budget. Programmable thermostats run at a lower price point and allow you to create a weekly schedule of temperatures, so the unit automatically reduces the temperature setting when you’re away. Smart thermostats don’t need a schedule – they adapt based on your routine and heat up your home once you’re in a certain vicinity, so it’s comfortable when you arrive. Recent studies indicate that a smart thermostat can help most consumers save 10–12 percent on their home heating costs due to the energy saved while they’re away.

Change your furnace filters

Dirty filters block air flow and make your heating system work harder. If it must work harder, it uses more energy and costs you more money. Be sure to check and change your air filters once a month during the heating season.

Double check your propane tank

Do you use propane to heat your home? If so, don’t forget to ensure that your propane tank is full so you can stay warm and cozy in your home. As an EnergyUnited Propane customer, you have the option of signing up for our Auto Delivery Plan, which eliminates the need for you to monitor your tank level. With this plan, you’ll never run out of fuel, and you’ll avoid the expense and hassle of unexpectedly running out of propane on a cold day.

Install a generator

Generators give you peace of mind that you will have a backup in the event of a power outage. This is particularly important for those members who have medical equipment that relies on power to operate. In these situations, the loss of power is more than inconvenient; it can become life-threatening. If you or your family member uses medical equipment that needs power to operate, please remember to prepare as needed before an outage occurs and ensure you have an updated list of emergency contacts.

Sign up for budget billing

Under EnergyUnited’s Budget Billing Payment Plan, you can take the worry and uncertainty out of fluctuating electric bills by paying the same amount for electricity each month. Your monthly payment is determined by the average of your last 12 months of energy use and is recalculated each May. To find out more, log into your account and select “Budget Billing.” From there, you’ll see a quote for your new monthly payment amount. Learn more about our payment options.

Small changes can add up to energy savings in your home.

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