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July 2018
July 2018

History has a way of repeating itself. Case and point: electric vehicles, or “EVs” as we like to call them. We’re well aware of their popularity today (shout out to Mr. Musk), but did you know EVs outsold gas vehicles dating back to the 1800s? Over a century later, they’re poised for a comeback with the momentum to give gas guzzlers a permanent run for their money. In fact, Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates that EVs will comprise 35% of all auto sales by 2040. 

So why the sudden uptick in production and sales? What are consumers seeing now that they didn’t see before? EV technology has improved rapidly, for one. Whereas a road trip used to idle outside the realm of possibility, newer models can travel longer distances between charges. On top of that, battery prices have gone down significantly, making EVs more affordable than ever. And then there’s the reputation EVs have for being “too compact,” “quiet” or even “lame.” That, too, is quickly changing, thanks to automotive giants like Chevy, Nissan, Volvo, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche and Tesla joining the race for sustainability.

EnergyUnited is led by consumers like you and thereby positioned to support all levels of interest from the communities we serve. Should you commit to a switch from a gas vehicle to an electric electric, you’re automatically eligible for member rebates to help offset the cost of a charger installation. And for those of you still testing the waters, our new EnergyAdvisor platform comes with an EV Calculator to help you estimate the savings of going electric. These are just a few more ways way we’re helping you remember—you’re a member.


see what EnergyAdvisor’s EV Calculator can do. According to the EPA, the average gasoline-powered vehicle in the United States gets about 25 miles per gallon.  For comparison’s sake, we’ll combine that with 30 miles driven per day and a $2.60 per gallon price at the pumps.  With those figures in mind, here’s how three of the most popular EVs on the market compare.

EV comparison

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