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August 2018
August 2018

With more accepted payment methods than ever before, it’s super easy to keep your lights on and A/C pumping. 

At EnergyUnited, we understand that change is the only constant in our industry. Technology evolves on a daily basis, and so do the needs and desires of the member-owners we serve. That’s why we’ve made it a top priority to keep our fingers on the pulse of industry trends and innovate ahead of the curve. The latest example of our forward-thinking approach? Expanded billing options.

In an effort to deliver reliable, satisfactory service for our members, we’ve taken what used to be a rudimentary process and added options — more of them than we’ve ever had before, ranging from tried-and-true phone payments to walk-up electronic kiosk payments. This month (and every month after), the choice is yours. Isn’t it good to be a member?

EUpayment phoneSimply dial 1-800-215-7315 and follow the recorded prompts to pay via credit card, debit card or electronic check.

EUpayment phoneIt’s an easy way to view your account, report an outage and, yes, make payments on the go. Now available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. 

EUpayment phoneHead to our website. Log in to your account. View and verify your latest bill. Make your payment. It’s really as easy as that.

EUpayment phone Provide EnergyUnited with an account and routing number for your checking or savings. Drafts will occur automatically within 10 days of the billing date shown on your statement.

EUpayment phoneWe’ve installed three electronic kiosks outside of our offices over the past year. You can view your account and make payments 24 hours per day.

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