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Take control of the energy you use with these tips, programs and trends.

Keep your thermostat "on point"

Nearby objects can make your HVAC work too hard

The Work of a Lineman

A 12-year-old’s ode to her grandfather’s work on the lines

Burn Center Pioneer Dies at Age 103

John Stackhouse founded the center with electric co-ops nearly 40 years ago

Landscaping For Energy Efficiency

Stragegic placement can yield year-round benefits

Look Abroad for Energy Saving Inspiration

International communities are experts at doing more with less

Test Your Energy Saving Know-How

Telling fact from fiction for seven energy saving claims

NC Meter School Tackles Grid Tech

A long-standing conference keeps meter and substation experts in the know

Guilt-Free Streaming

The right equipment keeps the episodes rolling without breaking the bank

Warmer Weather, Time to Test!

Changing seasons means it's time to check your HVAC system

Lighter Laundry, Less Time

Not all loads are created equal

Building a Brighter Energy Future, Together

National co-op Board President Curtis Wynn outlines his vision for the future

NC’s Wynn Elected to Lead National Board

The Roanoke Electric Cooperative CEO was elected board president in March

Electricity is Increasingly the ‘Fuel’ of Choice

A new report projects electricity demand to surge by 2040

Co-op Tech: Life on a Microgrid

A Brunswick County neighborhood has earned an innovative distinction

An Outlet for Energy Savings

Energy-saving wall outlets are effective and easy to install