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Take control of the energy you use with these tips, programs and trends.

Invest in the Sun for Water Heating

Solar water heating may be a long-term investment worth considering

Believe it: The French are Using Cheese to Generate Power

A French power plant uses a cheese byproduct to generate electricity

Shop Smart for a New Water Heater

Weighing options up front can pay off over time

Know Charging Options to Keep Your EV Rolling

NC offers several public charging options for electric vehicles

Affordable Strategies for Drafty Windows

An important contributor to efficiency and comfort

Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?

NOAA predicts an above-normal Atlantic storm season

Energy Efficiency Considerations for Homebuyers

Know the questions to ask about energy features

Staying Cool with Extra Space

Finding the right type of A/C unit for your project

NC’s Greer Inducted into Lineman’s Hall of Fame

Retired co-op employee dedicated his career to safety

A First for the State

Ocracoke Island’s microgrid uses local resources to improve reliability