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Your Energy

Take control of the energy you use with these tips, programs and trends.

Farm Energy Efficiency Tips

There are ways to save for every type of farm

Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps

A heat pump can be a cost-effective alternative in the right application

Bright Ideas in NC Classrooms

Seven of the 600+ co-op-sponsored projects from the 2016-2017 school year

Scrapbook: Youth Tour 2017

Photos and video from the 2017 Electric Cooperative Youth Tour

Electric Co-op Leaders Meet with Gov. Roy Cooper

Discussions cover energy innovation and rural economic development

Tips for Heating on a Tight Budget

Resources are available to those concerned about the chill of winter

Innovation at the Edge of the Grid

Electric co-ops deploying new technologies to enable members

Top 10 Reasons to Consider a Co-op Career

Wherever you are, odds are there’s an electric co-op nearby

Storm Watch

How to prepare your family and property for severe weather

Four County EMC Supports Music Industry Manufacturer

Burgaw-based Mojotone produces audio equipment for music legends

Cape Hatteras EC, Tideland EMC Move Quickly During Crisis

Co-ops worked around the clock to restore service to the Outer Banks

Causes of Outages and Blinks

Weather, animals can cause power loss

Invest in the Sun for Water Heating

Solar water heating may be a long-term investment worth considering