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Between the Lines

Explaining the business of your electric cooperative

Cooperatives & Clean Energy

How your cooperative complies with the North Carolina REPS program

A Guide to North Carolina’s Electric Power Providers

An illustrated guide to the electric utilities that serve North Carolina.

Where does your electricity come from?

How your cooperative plans for and acquires the electric power you need.

What About Batteries?

Improving battery technology can help solve the energy storage question.

Stealing electricity

Another way to get electrocuted or land in jail

Grassroots Advocacy

How your co-op represents you where it counts.

What uses 1,500,000,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year?

Powering the systems that run our information and communication technology

Power in your hands

Co-ops are working to increase reliability and help members manage their costs

Capital Credits

It pays to be a member of an electric cooperative