Nuclear energy industry is good for the economy

The nuclear energy industry in North and South Carolina provides a significant economic impact to the states, according to a recent study. An industry coalition, the Carolinas' Nuclear Cluster, commissioned the research to obtain a clear measure of the economic effects of the nuclear industry.  The total economic impact tops $20 billion.

In the Carolinas, the nuclear industry directly provides some 29,000 jobs. The industry has more than $2.2 billion in direct payroll, and more than $950 million paid in state and local taxes.

Total direct impacts are from employment associated with the generation of power at seven nuclear stations in North and South Carolina (including the Catawba Nuclear Station in York County, S.C., partly owned by North Carolina's electric cooperatives), as well as corporate nuclear functions, new construction and employment at the Savannah River and Barnwell sites in South Carolina. Researchers used purchases and payroll data from these businesses in their evaluation.

The study not only looked at the impact of the operating nuclear plants but also producers of nuclear fuel, engineering and procurement companies, suppliers and subcontractors, and others. Researchers at Clemson University's Center of Economic Excellence in Supply Chain Optimization and Logistics conducted the study.

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