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Energy Advice

Energy efficient tips to use at home

Heat a room from the floor up

Uniform heat distribution is one advantage of under-floor radiant heating

Every Degree = Dollars

Don’t let summer heat burn your budget.

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Blocking heat helps cool your living space under the roof

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Cleaning A/C coils boosts efficiency

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Ceiling fans can cut energy costs year-round

Pump up your pool’s energy efficiency

How to keep pool water clean without draining your wallet

Tried & True

22 tips for buying and maintaining an energy-efficient manufactured home

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Do-it-yourself outdoor lighting

How I Save Energy

Advice for stay-at-home parents

Staying Cool

Consider size and efficiency for room air conditioners

Window film

A cost-effective way to save energy

Using water:

How low can you flow?

Tankless water heaters

Are they a good deal?