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Energy Advice

Energy efficient tips to use at home

Home energy audits

You’ll learn a lot, can save big money in long run

Keeping rooms comfy

Balancing temperatures in a two-story home By Jim Dulley

See Through

The character, comfort and costs of your windows

Increasing thermal mass

Heavy materials can boost efficiency and comfort in your home

Using less A/C

Tips to help you stay comfortably cool this summer

Upgrade and Save

Running old, inefficient appliances may cost you more than you think

Choosing a smart thermostat

When replacing your thermostat, the right choice can make all the difference

Roofing materials

Choices affect costs in keeping a home cool

Changing minds to change lightbulbs

Durham student working to inspire people in her community

Get Cool

How to buy a new air‑conditioning system

Zone control

Automatic zone systems adjust temperatures of individual rooms