Tips on power usage in North Carolina - Carolina Country

Energy Advice

Energy efficient tips to use at home

Taming “phantom loads”

Control energy used by appliances and electronics that stay on even when not in use

Sizing up storm doors

A variety of options to meet ventilation and budget needs

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Cooling warm rooms

Refrigerators & energy

The real scoop on making your fridge more efficient

Cooking efficiently

Clever methods help you cut energy costs for holiday meals

Choosing an HVAC contractor

What to look for and expect

Energy-efficient landscaping

Smart tree placement can lower your electric bill and increase comfort year-round

Keeping it comfy

Covering your pool reduces heat loss and your power bill

Solar water heaters

Know options and facts before you install

The importance of insulation

Determining the amount is the key to energy savings

Sealing in savings

How to insulate an attic access cover

Replacing windows

Consider use and appearance as well as the type of glass

How old is the wiring in your home?

Easy upgrades can boost electrical safety in older homes