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All About Peonies

Adriana Feng, Raleigh, a member of Wake Electric

All About Peonies

My garden is all about peonies. In my Carolina Country garden, I grow over 200 varieties of peonies. My biggest joy each spring is seeing them come into bloom over an 8-week period each April and May. I love to spread the love of peonies, especially here in the South where many people think peonies will not grow. However not only do peonies grow here, they grow very well! Helpful tips for growing peonies as well as which varieties grow best here in the South can be found on my blog, Southern Peony. Some of the keys to getting peonies to bloom here are planting them in full sun and making sure to plant them shallow with the ‘eyes’ just below the soil surface. This particular peony is intersectional Peony ‘Keiko’ (aka ‘Pink Double Dandy’) and had 77 blooms on just one bush for me this spring!

Be sure to visit the website of the American Peony Society for more information on this charming bloom.

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  • I have peony bulbs that I bought from Sam's club in May. My grandma said to plant them in late summer. I live in the piedmont triad of NC. Is it too late to plant them? Thank you!

    Cheyenne | September 01, 2017 at 12:17 | reply

  • Cheyenne,
    I hope you planted them! It definitely wasn't ideal, but they probably would still grow. If you haven't planted them yet, I might still give them a try. I once accidentally planted some 2 year old roots, and they still grew (! It will take much longer for your roots to get to blooming size after not having any soil or moisture for so long, but they might still take. I would buy some fresh roots in the fall if possible or a buy a growing potted peony in the spring to get blooms sooner!

    Adriana | February 17, 2018 at 9:47 | reply

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