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Energy Education

What's new in the energy industry

A Brighter Future Through Grid Management

A new service helps manage a 500-MW resource distributed across the state

Nimble and Reliable: Natural Gas Generation

Natural gas generation plays a role in a brighter future for electric co-op members

How to Clean Up Your Crawl Space

Eliminate moisture and potential hazards

Q&A: Sustainability & Electric Co-ops

Common questions about sustainable power

Managing Home Energy Use During the Pandemic

How to save during a summer of social distancing

Electric Vehicle Q&A

Answers about EV numbers and battery sustainability

Four County EMC’s Mitch Keel Retiring

Don Gatton Named Incoming CEO

Know Your Home

A little knowledge can go a long way in saving energy and preventing unexpected high bills

Affordability: The Key to a Sustainable Future

If programs and technology aren’t cost-effective, they simply aren’t sustainable

U.S. Renewable Energy Tops Coal in 2019

The data bucks a long-running trend (since 1885)

Getting You From Point A to Point B

Drive confidently with North Carolina electric cooperatives’ EV charging network

Nuclear Power Q&A

What’s the long-term plan for used fuel?

Safe, Sustainable Nuclear Power

Nuclear energy is key to a brighter future for electric co-op members

Keeping Track of Energy Use at Home

Use data to wrangle unwanted loads