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Energy Education

What's new in the energy industry

Co-ops Explore Ways to ‘Electrify NC’

Summit brings creative minds together to discuss beneficial electrification

Test Your Energy Saving Know-How

Telling fact from fiction for seven energy saving claims

Save Energy by Shopping Local

Surprising ways to limit energy use outside the home

Stay Safe for a Fun Summer

The Energy Education Council’s Molly Hall talks electrical safety

Understanding the Value of Radiant Barriers

Thin, reflective material can help keep your home cool

Are Whole-House Fans Helpful?

Maybe, if used correctly

Landscaping For Energy Efficiency

Stragegic placement can yield year-round benefits

Safety is Just a Phone Call Away

Planning to dig? Call NC 811. It could save your life.

Blue Ridge Energy Trims Trees by Helicopter

Aerial blades make quick work of right-of-way management

How to operate a portable generator safely

Use the correct size generator and run it safely.

Questioning Space Heater Efficiency

A reader wants to know: How can something be 300% efficient?

Look Abroad for Energy Saving Inspiration

International communities are experts at doing more with less

Where Our Power Comes From

A diverse fuel mix helps ensure reliability and affordability

Co-op Tech: The Agile, Fractal Grid

The Ocracoke microgrid project is paving the way for future innovation