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Energy Education

What's new in the energy industry

Landscaping For Energy Efficiency

Stragegic placement can yield year-round benefits

Safety is Just a Phone Call Away

Planning to dig? Call NC 811. It could save your life.

Blue Ridge Energy Trims Trees by Helicopter

Aerial blades make quick work of right-of-way management

How to operate a portable generator safely

Use the correct size generator and run it safely.

Clothes Dryers: Use Only as Intended

Venting dryers indoors is no longer considered a safe option

Look Abroad for Energy Saving Inspiration

International communities are experts at doing more with less

Where Our Power Comes From

A diverse fuel mix helps ensure reliability and affordability

Co-op Tech: The Agile, Fractal Grid

The Ocracoke microgrid project is paving the way for future innovation

Sizing Up Ductless Heat Pumps

A ductless system can help heat and cool on a budget

Save Energy by Shopping Local

Surprising ways to limit energy use outside the home

Stay Safe for a Fun Summer

The Energy Education Council’s Molly Hall talks electrical safety

Understanding the Value of Radiant Barriers

Thin, reflective material can help keep your home cool

An Encyclopedia of Modern Electricity

A new report provides a clear overview of our ever-evolving power grid

Foaming a Crawl Space

Take the proper steps when considering spray foam insulation