Energy Sense - Carolina Country

Energy Sense

Expert advice on energy-efficient products.

Electric space heaters

How to use them efficiently in your home

Using less A/C

Tips to help you stay comfortably cool this summer

Touch-control faucets

New options are convenient and efficient for kitchen tasks

Appliance upgrades

Compare labels, calculate operating costs when considering buying new items

When your A/C conks out

Choose a good contractor and weigh the quotes

Year-round savings

Insulated window shades boost comfort while lowering energy use

Increasing thermal mass

Heavy materials can boost efficiency and comfort in your home

In-floor electric heating

These systems offer benefits that go beyond warming cold feet

Geothermal heat pumps

They provide heating and cooling advantages

Cool roofs

In warm climates, cools roofs can pay for themselves in energy savings

Zone control

Automatic zone systems adjust temperatures of individual rooms

Using fireplaces efficiently

Tips and products to help you get the most from a fireplace

Electric water heaters

Tips to boost the efficiency of older electric models

Leaky doors

Fixing or replacing them can improve energy efficiency