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Points of view from our readers and co-op leaders

Farming on a Modern Grid

New electric farm equipment can improve efficiency and help reduce costs

Co-ops Prepare to Power Vehicles of the Future

Managing electric vehicle load so all co-op members can benefit

Stay Safe for a Fun Summer

The Energy Education Council’s Molly Hall talks electrical safety

Giving Back to the Communities We Serve

NC’s electric co-ops are as local and community centered as they come

Safety is Just a Phone Call Away

Planning to dig? Call NC 811. It could save your life.

Tapping the Evolving Benefits of Electricity

Finding new ways to use electricity can equal cost benefits to consumers and utilities

Life as a Lineman

EnergyUnited Crew Leader Shay Reed reflects on his career thus far

Building Confidence on the Court

A past Sports Camp Scholarship winner looks back on the experience

Cooperatives and Veterans: A Winning Combination

The values of co-ops align closely with those who serve in the military

Electric Vehicle Battery Life

How long do EV batteries last?

Capturing a Co-op Scene

Art by Lee Francis

Leading the Future

Electric co-ops are on the cutting edge of an industry transformation

Resiliency: Rural North Carolina’s Greatest Asset

NC’s rural communities are ready to address the issues facing them today

Cover Re-creation

Sixteen years later