March Gardens

Bring in the butterflies

You can attract light, bright fliers by offering to feed them and their young crawlers

Planting a tree

Consider its purpose, plant it properly

Growing a nutritional garden

Top 10 plants that pack a vitamin and mineral punch

Black Gold

Turn scraps and yard waste into useful compost

Tomato troubles

Why your tomatoes may not put on their best face, and what to do about it

Gardening for everyone

Ideas abound for disability friendly, small-space plantings

Ode to the oakleaf

A showy hydrangea plus March gardening tips

Beneficial companions

Plants thrive by being near each other

Plant Once, Eat for Years

Using perennial fruits and vegetables in your garden

Hot peppers

Edible and ornamental, they spice up your life

Artful entrances

Create a unique, welcoming gate to your garden

Any way you slice it

Nothing beats a North Carolina-grown tomato

Protect and enrich your plants

Mulch is a multi-tasker for your yard and garden

Grasses Are More Than Green

There are many pretty ornamental grasses that are easy to love

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