Past Photos of the Week

Breathtaking view from the waterfront boardwalk in Duck. —Emily Akers, Surry-Yadkin EMC
I pass by this pasture every day on my way home from work and I always love seeing the cattle grazing on the hilltop. Living on a small goat farm myself makes me really appreciate sweet, country scenes like this. —Allison Morgan, Candler, Haywood EMC
I captured a sweet moment of joy between my wife and baby girl in a canoe on Kerr Lake during a weekend getaway. —Keith Anderson, Wake Forest, Wake Electric
While in St. Pauls I saw this Monarch on Mexican Heather and felt lucky to get this shot. —Mona Brown, Fayetteville
It was a moment of peace and quiet on the Blue Ridge Parkway as I stood 5,000 feet above elevation, encompassed in the cool mountain breeze, watching the sunlight descend over the trees as the clouds stormed by.  —Brittany Edmiston, Brevard, Haywood EMC
This carpenter gothic Episcopal chapel was moved from Forsythe County to Orange County for restoration and use by a new Episcopal congregation. The chapel and train evoke nostalgia every time the train goes by. —Lisa Fischbeck, Durham, Blue Ridge Electric
This large male turtle in Clemmons did not seem to mind a close-up of his face (The lens was about 3 inches away from touching him!). —Frank Ellison, Ocean Isle, Brunswick Electric
Mason (right) and Molly (left) seem to fuss at each other all day but when it comes right down to it, there is love. —Patrice Draughn, Dobson, Surry-Yadkin EMC
I treasure my visits to the Bay River at Vandemere in Pamlico County, a quiet little corner of North Carolina. You’ll find very little activity outside of the occasional fishing boat. —Donna Banks, Roseboro, South River EMC
My granddaughter gives the polar bear a friendly
My pond frog held on to the plastic turtle, though the wind blew strong and he kept floating under the waterfall. The expression on his face seems to say, “It’s no big deal, I'm just taking my shower.”—Barbara Hall
The serenity of such artwork demands a moment of silent respect as you stand in awe, admiring what was only moments ago a dark eastern sky.—Ashley Kington, Morehead City
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