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Daddy’s Helper

Daddy’s Helper

My four-year-old, Tara, helps to fix the brake pads on my truck.

This photo is of my 4-year-old daughter, Tara, and our first family dog, Maggie. Robin, my wife, snapped the photo. I am somewhere underneath the truck. I am not much of a mechanic, but over the years I have had to spend a good bit of time working on my vehicles.

The day of this photo I was changing the front brake pads. This was something I had done before, but to be sure that I got things back in order, I fixed one side at a time, using the other as a guide. I went back and forth and double checked myself several times, while Tara quietly observed every step I made. Then all the sudden, she blurted out, “Daddy, you did that backwards.” Of course, in my mind I thought, what would a 4-year-old know?

But to make her happy, I went back and checked my work again with the other side. Wouldn’t you know it, Tara was right! I had gotten something reversed. My daughter has grown up at my side enjoying being a part of all my little projects over the years, a ready and willing helper. She is now 24.

That’s my girl!

Mike Thompson, Morganton, a member of Rutherford EMC

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