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Finding the Small Pleasures in Life

Finding the Small Pleasures in Life

Michelle cherishes her few but precious Barbies at Christmas.

I remember Christmas when I was young, getting my Barbie styling head and my Barbie and Ken dolls. I let the little girl next door take the styling head home and she wrote all over her face with a black permanent marker. I was devastated. Our toys meant a lot to us back then.

We didn’t get a lot of toys during the year, so the ones we got at Christmas were special. It was the 1970s, and we didn’t have cell phones, or internet or cable. We had one television in the living room, and we all gathered at night as a family to watch together.

I hope there’s still enough of us around to teach them that the best things in life don’t gripe, Skype or type.

I remember Sunday nights were the Wonderful World of Disney and Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom! That was back before a family gathering meant every kid in a different room watching their own television and every member of the house staring at their phones or iPads or laptops. We had real homework with real books, and spelling counted, and if we did stay the night anywhere, you can bet our parents knew their parents!

This generation may be more in the know, and they sometimes know too much. But I say they are missing out on knowing the small pleasures in life. Slow down, watch television together. Put away the technology for a day and lay in the shade, and learn to make a thick blade of grass into a whistle.

Sit in the dirt and teach the little ones to make pies. I hope there’s still enough of us around to teach them that the best things in life don’t gripe, Skype or type.

Michelle Edwards, Cape Carteret, a member of Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative

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  • Finding the Small Pleasures In Life by Michelle Edwards of Cape Carteret really brought back memories. Everything she wrote about Christmas, Sunday nights Wild Kingdom and the Wonderful World of Disney took me back to a time when, even though we were poor, we had rich experiences with family and felt that we had everything. My experience was in the 1960s but no less beautiful. Though my granddaughter does make an occasional mud pie, I wish my that she and all kids could feel that richness of life. I think we would see a big difference in the kids today.

    Phyllis Vick, Youngsville, NC |
    September 29, 2021 |

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