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Missy and the Chicken House

Missy and the Chicken House

It is 2004 in the photo, and I’m walking in good company. My 7-year-old granddaughter, Missy, and my dog, Bar-B-Q, pass an old chicken house.

Missy had many “why” questions that day. She was curious about the building and asked, “why do we call it a chicken house?” Missy started thinking about it more while we continued to the mailbox, but she remained quiet.

When we were coming back and standing behind the chicken house, Missy looked at me and the building for a moment, then started to talk. She told me: “I should clear the brush away, so when the chickens come back, they won’t be afraid to stay inside.”

The following spring, I cleared away the brush. Then for the next two years when she lived in my home, Missy reminded me many times to check inside the chicken house for any birds that may have moved in!

Robert Jeffers, Anderson Community, A member of Piedmont Electric

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