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The ‘True Grit’ of Granny Roten

The ‘True Grit’ of Granny Roten
Granny Roten in her flower garden with granddaughter Ann on her lap. The little boy is Ann’s brother.

The ‘True Grit’ of Granny Roten

Some of my fondest memories go back to my childhood and my Granny Roten. I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t there, and I was always “her shadow.” As a little girl, one of my biggest thrills was snuggling up next to her in her little feather bed, where I found protection and warmth. She made beautiful rugs out of rags and raised the most beautiful flowers in her flower garden. She shared both of these with everyone that showed an interest. Church was her most favorite place to go. She would get all dressed up in her finest, complete with her prettiest little hats. When I accepted the Lord into my life at 12 years old, how we both rejoiced!

My Granny Roten was a lady with “true grit,” having been widowed twice and raising seven children of her own, four daughters and three sons, one of which she lost in service. She also helped raise four stepdaughters. My beloved Granny Roten went home to be with the Lord at 89 years of age. Time has passed and I am now a grandma and great-grandma. I just hope someday I can be the kind of “Granny” to them as she was to me.

Ann Ray, West Jefferson, a member of Blue Ridge Energy

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