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Zumba Gold for the Golden Years

Elizabeth Moakler is a Zumba instructor bringing her energy to the comfort of home

By Rue Reynold

Zumba Gold for the Golden Years

With a homebase in Waxhaw, Union Power Cooperative member Elizabeth Moakler inspires others to keep their bodies moving and encourages anyone to do Zumba regardless of age or physical capabilities.

Elizabeth Moakler
Email Elizabeth Moakler and say, “I want to try Zumba at home” to receive weekly links to her free live Zumba classes.

As a fitness veteran of 25 years who specialized in high to low-impact aerobics, Elizabeth began teaching Zumba in 2007.

What makes Zumba stand out from other dance aerobics is the music. While Latin tunes commonly accompany Zumba’s flare, Elizabeth also incorporates “oldies but goodies,” disco and suggestions from her participants that span many genres. Music is a motivation and something that can be enjoyed by all.

The benefits of Zumba have also been known to increase brain activity, strengthen memory and improve balance due to its movement and choreography.

Misconceptions of Zumba

Zumba is not about regimens, knowing how to dance or even needing a lot of space. You can have zero rhythm, awkward movements, and only a half-bathroom and still dance Zumba simply by standing still and shaking your booty.

It’s exercise in disguise. Steps are not important and neither is perfection, Elizabeth explains. She calls mistakes, “impromptu solos” and encourages movement above all else.

That said, exercising is difficult for many people, and it can be hard to find the motivation to keep up with it. “You don’t have to do it every day,” Elizabeth says. “Everyone will have a burnout and that’s okay. Whether it’s four times a week or once a week, there’s value in keeping your body moving and mind engaged. All you need is the mindset to want to do something.”

More than just a workout

Elizabeth’s Zumba Gold classes (the “Gold” indicates it’s designed to better meet the needs of seniors) offer much more than most online exercise programs. Joining her class means joining a community that looks out for one another, celebrates birthdays and events in an individual’s life and, best of all, cares about each other’s well-being beyond the exercise routine.

Health and comfort is top priority in Zumba Gold. Elizabeth incorporates adaptive choreography that replaces intricate or difficult moves, allowing participants to dance Zumba, even while sitting in a chair if needed.

“Give it a try,” Elizabeth says. “Don’t be afraid to try something new in your life because you don’t know what joy it will bring you. You don’t need to have your camera on. Just give me two to three classes to get you hooked.”

Elizabeth’s online Zumba classes are an easy, one-click sign-up. Send Elizabeth an email and receive links every Sunday to join her weekly classes hosted on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 11 a.m. That one click gains access to Elizabeth’s live class and a community with a warm welcome.

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