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Students: Apply Now for the 2022 Youth Legislative Assembly

Applications accepted through February 1

Students: Apply Now for the 2022 Youth Legislative Assembly

2019 YLA participants Emma Terry-Edmunds, Claire Hutto, Melissa Carver and Autumn Brisson are sworn in as committee co-chairs.

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at local, state and national legislatures? Is “I’m Just a Bill” your favorite Schoolhouse Rock song? Then the Youth Legislative Assembly (YLA) is for you! YLA is a mock legislative session where high school students voice their opinions and vote on issues concerning local, state and national government.

“We typically have 200 to 215 students participating from schools around the state, although in the past many have represented urban or suburban areas. It’s a great opportunity for students in rural areas, as well,” said Program Coordinator Erica Gallion. “The YLA experience increases confidence and knowledge of current issues, and it creates connections that can lead to future opportunities for participants.”

“North Carolina knows YLA, and year after year, it invests in these students because of how well YLA prepares its participants to serve our region,” said 2019 YLA participant Dustin Humphries.

“The Youth Legislative Assembly’s unparalleled exposure to our government’s most sacred chamber is an opportunity that simply cannot be passed up.”

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For more information about ways to get involved or to support the Youth Legislative Assembly, contact Gallion by email or by calling 919-301-1372. If interested, apply by February 1, 2022.

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A YLA student tells all

Read a personal account of the YLA experience from Dustin Humphries, a former participant who served as speaker during the 2019 Youth Legislative Assembly.

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