“Strange Fascination” - Carolina Country

“Strange Fascination”

By Chatham County Line

This Raleigh-based band, nicknamed CCL, radiates its melodious warmth and fine songcraft in their new album’s title track, a dreamy ballad about wanting a lover’s touch.

The tender vocal harmonies of guest artist Sharon Van Etten intertwining with those of lead singer Dave Wilson lend a mystical touch. Other tunes are inspired by history, including “The Eagle and The Boy,” which recounts a wild-but-true 1901 story of a mother who climbed to a bird’s mountaintop nest to reclaim her snatched child and “Queen Anne’s Gold,” about a search for pirate’s treasure.

CCL has a two-decades history as a popular Americana band on the North Carolina music scene. It has also performed across the U.S. and in the UK and mainland Europe.

The album marks a turning point in CCL’s evolution. It's the band’s final release with co-founding banjo player Chandler Holt, the first line-up change since 2001. Its core members — Dave (singer-songwriter and guitar), John Teer (mandolin/fiddle/vocals), and Greg Readling (bass/pedal steel/piano)— decided to revamp their music toward a more contemporary sound. Drummer Dan Hall’s beats energize this album and CCL is fully embracing the use of percussion onstage with various drummers.

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