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10 Ways to Save Energy in the Laundry Room June 2021
10 Ways to Save Energy in the Laundry Room
June 2021

Your clothes washer and dryer account for a significant portion of energy consumption from major appliances, and let’s face it—laundry is no one’s favorite chore. There are several easy ways you can save energy (and money) in the laundry room and make the most of your laundry energy use! Here are tips for saving on suds:

1Wash with cold water. Switching from warm water to cold water can cut one load’s energy use by more than half, and by using a cold-water detergent, you can still achieve that brilliant clean you’d normally get from washing in warm water.

2Wash full loads when possible. Your washing machine will use the same amount of energy no matter the size of the clothes load, so fill it up if you can.

3Use the high-speed or extended spin cycle in the washer. This setting will remove more moisture before drying, reducing your drying time and the extra wear on clothing.

4Dry heavier cottons separately. Loads will dry faster and more evenly if you separate heavier cottons like linens and towels from your lightweight clothing.

5Make use of the “cool down” cycle. If your dryer has this cycle option, you can save energy because the clothes will finish drying with the remaining heat in the dryer.

6Use lower heat settings to dry clothing. Regardless of drying time, you’ll still use less energy.

7Use dryer balls. Dryer balls, usually wool or rubber, will help keep clothes separated for faster drying, and they can help reduce static, so you can eliminate dryer sheets.

8Switch loads while the dryer is warm. This allows you to take advantage of the remaining heat from the previous cycle.

9Clean the lint filter after each drying cycle. If you use dryer sheets, remember to scrub the filter once a month with a toothbrush to remove excess buildup.

10Purchase ENERGY STAR®-rated washers and dryers. When it’s time to purchase a new washer or dryer, look for the ENERGY STAR® label. New washers and dryers that receive the ENERGY STAR® rating use about 20% less energy than conventional models.

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