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October 2021

While Pee Dee Electric recognizes solar energy as a valuable renewable resource, the co-op warns members to take caution when it comes to third-party solar companies using deceptive sales tactics to promote their products

Over the last few months, Pee Dee Electric has received many calls from members who have spoken to solar companies about installing panels at their homes. “Unfortunately, some homeowners have been taken advantage of by less-than-honorable sales associates promising everything from being able to go completely off-grid to being embellished with misleading potential energy savings,” said Tony Eason, the co-op’s vice president of Operations and Engineering.

When it comes to installing renewable energy sources, it not only requires a qualified contractor but also obtaining the necessary local permits and adhering to many things like legal documents and electrical and safety codes. Other factors to consider when purchasing renewable energy products include your home’s energy consumption pattern and if you are considering solar panels, whether your roof can safely accommodate the panels.

Not everybody knows that you must have permission to connect solar panels to the electric grid granted from your local electric utility. Solar energy is intermittent and stops working when the sun goes down. Eason explains, “Even with solar panels installed at your home, you will still be connected to the electrical grid to power your home when the panels do not generate a sufficient amount of electricity.”

Don’t get pressured or talked into signing the bottom line of a contract before doing your research or talking to one of our Engineering and Operating staff. They are available at no cost to you. Sometimes you don’t discover those small details that can make a big difference until it’s too late and you’re left with the financial burden.

“The point of going solar is to save energy, and as your trusted energy provider, we want you to be well-informed,” Eason said. “We encourage you to call us, even if you are only thinking about pursuing solar, wind, geothermal, or hydroelectricity as an additional power source.”

As your energy provider, Pee Dee Electric prides itself on providing you with an exceptional member experience. Your safety is important to us and we want to ensure you do not fall victim to scams. Find out more about your electric cooperative.

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