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Where in Carolina Country is This?

August 2018
August 2018

The August Where Is This photo by Ian Slade features the ā€œSā€ bridge that spans the Perquimans River between downtown Hertford and Winfall in Perquimans County on Hwy. 17 business (Church Street). The bridge, built in 1928, is likely the last ā€œSā€ bridge in the state still standing, and many say in the nation. On bright days, drivers can catch the sight of turtles sunning themselves on logs in the river. Many readers shared memories of the bridge. Sandy Divers remembers walking on the bridge causeway during Hurricane Hazel in 1954, looking down through knee-deep river water to follow the yellow line. Doris Hollowell recommends fishing under the bridge to enjoy a peaceful day. Sadly, plans are underway to replace this old swing bridge, which still must be opened for larger boats cruising the river. The winning entry chosen at random from 291 correct submissions came from Alton Lane of Edenton, an Albemarle EMC member.

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