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Digital Extras

You're on our website, let's make the most of it! Here you'll find the extra articles, recipes, videos, photos and music that bring the pages of Carolina Country magazine to life.

Homemade Berry Ice Cream

Originally published June 1970

Tubin’ the Tar

Go with the flow and find a lazy river near you

Strawberry Pie

Originally published May 1970

Fresh Herb Deviled Eggs

To accompany our Picked Mustard Seed recipe

Jell-O Pudding Pecan Pie

Originally published April 1970

Guard Your Garden from Deer

Keep pests at bay and your yard off the menu

Keto Cheerwine Glazed Ribs

An oven-baked, heatlhy recipe courtesy of Cheerwine

Low-Carb Cheerwine Cherry Cheesecake Fluff

A sugar-free treat courtesy of Cheerwine

Italian Crème Cake

Originally published January 1971

Dinner's On You!

9 recipes plus 4 tips to help you deliver dinner to a neighbor in need

“Strange Fascination”

By Chatham County Line

Safe Canning Techniques for Your Kitchen

Learn how to ‘put up’ your harvest

The Fun of Food Gardening

Find your green thumb for the freshest produce around

Electric Co-op Supports Record-Setting Walk

Tara Dower hiked the Mountains-to-Sea Trail with help from Four County EMC