Tips on power usage in North Carolina - Carolina Country

Energy Advice

Energy efficient tips to use at home

Give Your Home a Break While on Vacation

Simple steps to save energy while away

Saving energy doesn’t have to be hard!

Small changes to help you manage home energy

What You Need to Know Before Going Solar

Work with your co-op to make the right choice

Keeping Your Home Healthy

Three ways to ensure your house looks, feels and smells fresh

Insulation For Energy Savings

Know your region’s recommended R-value

Seal the gaps

Use spray foam to seal air leaks and holes around plumbing fixtures

Swimming in Savings

Help make your pool more energy efficient

Does your attic have enough insulation?

Adequate insulation can help you #saveenergy at home.

Stream Efficiently

Streaming that new show everyone’s talking about?

Lower Your Water Heating Costs

Installing low-flow fixtures can help you save energy (and money)

Ready, Set, (Your) Thermostat!

The right settings can help save energy

Smart plugs can save you energy (and money)

They’re inexpensive and offer convenient ways to manage energy use

Renewables on the Roof

Electric co-ops are helping members make sound solar power decisions

Make NC811 a Part of Your Digging Project

Calling NC811 can save lives, and limit damage and extensive repairs