Energy Advice

Energy efficient tips to use at home

Stemming irrigation costs

Alternative systems can cut a farm’s electrical expenses

Metal roofing

Metal roofing can cool your energy expenses and last longer than traditional roofing

Hiring an energy contractor

Before you make home improvements for energy efficiency, get a professional energy audit

Leaky doors

Fixing or replacing them can improve energy efficiency

Lighting outdoor spaces

Keep energy costs in focus when selecting lighting for entertaining and security

Seal it up

Looking for leaks and sealing them pays off in energy cost savings

Energy-saving HVAC systems

Climate, costs, and technology matter in choosing among the options

In the kitchen

Heat up your energy savings with these cooking tips

Cool roofs

In warm climates, cools roofs can pay for themselves in energy savings

Window film Q & A

Uses include minimizing cooling costs, cutting glare, creating privacy, reflecting heat inside and more

Hot options

When purchasing a water heater, size and energy factor rating matter

Shade for savings

Strategic plantings can prune your electric bill

Taming “phantom loads”

Control energy used by appliances and electronics that stay on even when not in use

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