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Carolina Life

Tips, tricks and inspiration for living life to the fullest in North Carolina

What do you love about Carolina Beaches?

Summertime fun with stories submitted by our readers

Music to Come Home to

Continuing the traditions of Appalachian music

The First Ride

Lake life reflections

Saving Energy With Plants

The right plants in the right spots can boost efficiency year-round

Paddlers’ Paradise

Self-service kayak rentals make getting on the water easy

Burnin’ Love

North Carolina’s love affair with the King of Rock and Roll

How to Make Your Own Plants from Cuttings

Tips and tricks to create and nurture a garden from existing plants

Where Did You First Meet Your Sweetie?

Love is in the air with stories submitted by our readers

Bounty of the Sea

Recipes from NC Sea Grant and ‘Mariner’s Menu’

A Herd for Healing

Melanie Sue Bowles is helping horses in need.

On the Shoulders of Giants

Ken Peacock built a legacy by putting students first