Carolina Life

Tips, tricks and inspiration for living life to the fullest in North Carolina

A Darn Good Haircut

Bob Mitchell is a small-town barber with a colorful history

Tiny House Living

North Carolinians are finding they can still live large in a tiny house

Carolina Country Scenes 2017

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Hunting for Those in Need

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Okay Okra!

Never mind the slime

Add Sizzle to Your July Fourth with these 3 recipes

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A four-legged buddy can help keep you healthy

Gifts with Good Taste

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Little Free Libraries

Community-led book boxes are big on sharing

Friendly, Fresh and Local

North Carolina’s farmers markets are growing, to the benefit of local communities.

Living with Black Bears

A thriving NC bear population makes it more likely your paths will cross

Four Sports You've Likely Never Heard Of

Test your skills with these unusual sports being played in N.C.

Butterfly Highway

A network of pollinator pit stops is taking root across the state.

Sheltering Our Feathered Friends

Concerned Carolinians are providing homes for birds in need

Timeless Tomatoes

The fruit of summer