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Energy Sense

Expert advice on energy-efficient products.

Batten Down the Hatch

Insulate your attic hatch for energy savings

Efficiency Tips for Residential Well Pumps

Ways to improve your residential well and reduce energy use

Energy Efficient Farming Equipment

New tech can result in big energy savings

Ready, Set, (Your) Thermostat!

The right settings can help save energy

Budget-Friendly Energy Savings

Inexpensive tips to make your home heating system more efficient

Powering Up After an Outage

Steps to restoring power should winter weather turn out the lights

Save Energy With Co-op Programs

Electric co-ops offer a range of energy efficiency tools and programs

Efficiency Tips for a Festive Holiday Season

Reduce the financial burden of the holidays with these energy efficiency tips

What You Need to Know Before Going Solar

Work with your co-op to make the right choice

Sleuthing for Home Energy Savings

Utility bills provide clues to savings potential

Teach Your Children Energy Sense

Kids and grandkids can be energy efficiency champions

3 Easy Changes to Save Energy

Small adjustments can add up

Insulation For Energy Savings

Know your region’s recommended R-value

5 Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector

Assess energy efficiency before buying

Which Heat Pump Option is Right for My Home?

Learn the difference between ducted, mini-split and geothermal heat pumps