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Energy Sense

Expert advice on energy-efficient products.

Energy Efficiency Considerations for Homebuyers

Know the questions to ask about energy features

Affordable Strategies for Drafty Windows

An important contributor to efficiency and comfort

Keep Cool

Choose the right air conditioner for your home

Energy Efficient Trees?

How landscaping can help you save energy

Smartphone Energy Apps

Can they really save you money?

Boosting Efficiency and Comfort

Is your attic haunted by lack of insulation?

Geothermal Heat Pumps

An energy-efficient system with long-term payoffs

Cutting Energy Waste

Load up on savings with these laundry tricks

Energy efficiency projects

Ensuring high-quality work from your contractor

Home energy audits

You’ll learn a lot, can save big money in long run

Taming power costs

Keeping your pets (and your energy bill) comfortable this winter

Electric space heaters

How to use them efficiently in your home

Year-round savings

Insulated window shades boost comfort while lowering energy use