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Your Energy

Take control of the energy you use with these tips, programs and trends.

Save Energy in the Garden

Skip the tilling for efficiencies all around

Safe, Sustainable Nuclear Power

Nuclear energy is key to a brighter future for electric co-op members

Q&A: The 2021 Texas Blackouts

Differences between NC co-ops and the Texas power grid

Watch Your Water Heater Settings

If the temperature is set too high, you could be wasting energy

Bright Ideas Grants Help Support COVID-19 Response

Funding through the program now totals $13.6 million

‘Keeping the Lights On’ License Plate Donations Top $25,000

Specialty license plate supports NC Jaycee Burn Center

National Renewables Leader Joins NCEMC

Amadou Fall has been named COO of the generation and transmission co-op

Energy Efficiency on the Farm

Find ways to save on bills and reduce maintenance

Don't "Freeze" Your Budget

If your fridge or freezer is too cold, it could cost you

Please Move Over for Roadside Crews

Help give utility crews a work environment that's as safe as possible

Which Kitchen Appliance Should You Upgrade?

Factor energy savings into your final decision

Organize Your Energy in 2021

3 steps when considering energy efficiency projects

Carbon Emissions Drop in 2020 Due to COVID-19 Restrictions

CO2 from the energy sector was 11% lower than the previous year

5 Tips For Avoiding Solar Scams

What to consider before installing solar PV for your home

Current and Future Solar Tech

Harnessing the power of the sun