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Your Energy

Take control of the energy you use with these tips, programs and trends.

Powering Through Cold Weather Months

A coordinated system helps keep power reliable and affordable.

Smart Speaker Connections

Exploring the benefits of the ‘Internet of Things’

Electric Co-ops are Powerful Engines of Economic Development

Co-ops contribute more than $100 billion to U.S. GDP each year

Uncharted Water (Heaters)

Know your water heater options before it needs replacing

One Year Later: What Utilities Learned from Winter Storm Elliott

NC electric cooperatives are investing in resources to ensure a reliable grid

Keep Your Dryer Filter Lint Free

Cleaning the lint filter after every load improves air circulation and safety.

Women Increasingly Powering America’s Electric Co-ops

Female representation in the electric cooperatives is growing and leaves a lasting impact.

Efficiency Tips for Manufactured Homes

Improve comfort and use less energy in your manufactured home

State’s Newest Microgrid Online at Rose Acre Farms

Tideland EMC and Hyde County egg producer partner on the project

Winterization Tips for Energy Savings

Ensure your home is tight and ready for colder weather

Spring Cleaning Tips to Maximize Efficiency

Refreshing practices that not only tidy your home, but also reduce energy consumption

Keep Your Feet Cozy On Cold Winter Days

Area rugs are an easy and affordable way to add warmth to any room

Proper Insulation Reduces The Need For Excessive Heating

Add insulation where needed to save up to 10% on annual energy bills.

Get Smart With Your Thermostat

Smart thermostats automatically adjust heating and cooling temperatures for optimal performance.

Electric Co-op Lineworkers Put Lifesaving Skills to the Test

2023 Pole Top Rescue Competition held at Nash Community College