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Your Energy, Your Future

North Carolina’s Electric Co-ops Joins Duke Energy Generation Project

Electric Cooperatives remain focused on reliability, affordability through partnership

Hear, hear!

Devices help young and old with hearing loss

How to grill meats, fruits and vegetables

Grilling offers a convenient and heart-healthy way to prepare food, if done right.

Eating on a budget

Tips for choosing healthier, less expensive foods

Women Increasingly Powering America’s Electric Co-ops

Female representation in the electric cooperatives is growing and leaves a lasting impact.

Back-to-school lunches and munches

Slip some fun in with those carrots and crackers

Do your homework for back-to-school gadgets

Gone are the days when back-to-school shopping meant buying only notebooks, pencils and backpacks.

How to make college more affordable

Millions of families each year face the question of how to pay for college. And it’s not one that’s easily answered without the help of some kind of financial aid.

Renewables on the Roof

Electric co-ops are helping members make sound solar power decisions

Seeding in fall helps heat-damaged yards

With some time, patience and work, you can get your yard back in order

Opting out

How to reduce unwanted email and other junk mail