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Energy Education

What's new in the energy industry

3 Easy Changes to Save Energy

Small adjustments can add up

Energy Efficient Farming Equipment

New tech can result in big energy savings

Electric Co-ops Support NC State Fair’s Field of Dreams

Hands-on exhibit highlights the role of NC agriculture to children

Caring for Animals and Pets, Efficiently

Energy considerations, inside and out

Swimming in Savings

Help make your pool more energy efficient

Electric Vehicle Battery Safety

Big questions about our brighter future

NC Co-op Assets Pass the Test During Winter Storm

NC electric cooperatives utilized all components of the grid during an extreme weather event

Co-op Members in Need Benefit From Energy Efficiency Partnership

NC’s electric co-ops partner with Advanced Energy to provide upgrades and reduce costs

Insulation For Energy Savings

Know your region’s recommended R-value

Renewables on the Roof

Electric co-ops are helping members make sound solar power decisions

Randolph EMC Serves NC’s First Electric School Bus

Randolph County School’s bus will run on co-op power

Warm Clothes Wherever You Go

‘Electric’ isn’t just for blankets

What to Consider When Shopping for a Used EV

Big questions about our brighter future

Ready, Set, (Your) Thermostat!

The right settings can help save energy

NC Electric Cooperatives Celebrate 85th Anniversary

Edgecombe-Martin County EMC was the first to flip the switch in 1937