Tips on power usage in North Carolina - Carolina Country

Tip of the Month

Quick tricks to keep your house energy efficient

No Ordinary Power Strip

Reduce energy use with this secret weapon

Home for the Holidays

Fight increased power bills during this festive season

How Many Electronics Are in Your House?

Small appliances, devices and other products make up a large chunk of household energy use

Dryer Lint Could Be Costing You Money

2 easy tips to keep your dryer running smoothly (and affordably!)

Reduce Energy Use with Smart Power Strips

Get "smart" about standby mode on your big appliances

Homebound Savings

Keep an eye on your energy use from the comfort of your couch

Narrow the Temperature Gap for Savings

Keep a minimal difference between outside and in

Fire up the Grill

When the weather is nice, put your grill to use!

April Showers

Consider a rain barrel

Got Leftovers?

Let them cool first to save energy

Warm, toasty AND efficient

A fireside tip for keeping your home energy efficient

Let the Sunshine In!

Take advantage of daylight to warm your home in winter

Light Loads for Faster Drying Times

Sorting your laundry can mean savings on your energy bill