Tips on power usage in North Carolina - Carolina Country

Tip of the Month

Quick tricks to keep your house energy efficient

Guilt-Free Streaming

The right equipment keeps the episodes rolling without breaking the bank

Warmer Weather, Time to Test!

Changing seasons means it's time to check your HVAC system

Lighter Laundry, Less Time

Not all loads are created equal

Cooler temps are just around the corner!

Is your home’s heating system ready?

Are You a "Fan" of Saving Energy?

Don't forget to turn off the fan

A Bright Idea for Outdoor Lighting

Choose fixtures that save energy

Dry Faster, Save Energy

Try dryer balls for an inexpensive laundry hack

Here’s a cool tip for your fridge!

Cover liquids and wrap foods stored in your refrigerator.

Binge Shows, Not Energy

When it comes to streaming tv, music and movies, not all devices are the same.

Warmer temps are on the way!

Make sure your ceiling fans are set for the season

Don't burn through your energy dollars

Properly sealing a fireplace will save you money on energy

Energy Savings for the Win!

Score savings with power-efficient A/V equipment